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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10 with mark, vanessa, caribe and coop starts now. tracking the big picture. >> out covering the stories tomorrow. attacked by bedbugs at a valley wal-mart. >> one person says they were living in a scooter. >> a bar mitzvah sex trial. >> her lawyers claim she's the victim of oversexualized kids. >> it's not that lucrative a crime anymore. money saving monday. the restaurant where you're going to get the most bang for your buck. 12 news at 10:00 starts
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man and his wife posting a now viral video claiming that he was bitten by bedbugs while he was riding a motorized scooter at wal-mart. >> the video you just saw is disturbing and it shows what appears to be tiny bugs crawling all over the seat. trisha hendricks is live outside that store. >> and trisha what's wal-mart saying about the allege asian? >> -- infestation? >> what as you can see the -- as you can see the store is open for business tonight and the response we got was through email a spokesperson saying the affected carts have been removed from service. the video has been shared more that be 10,000 times in the past 24 hours. when you watch it it makes your skin crawl. cruz explained how disgusting
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>> her husband has an injured toe and needed to use the chair. husband back started itching. when they felt it getting worse they stopped by the restroom and that's when they found it full of the bugs. he had bites on his back. customers completely disturbed by all of this. >> that's so unsanitary. i mean i work at a sub shop and, like cleanliness a lot. >> that's just insane. that's really insane. on top of that, how did the scooter get to wal-mart? i mean it should have got checked. i mean it's just business is bad now. i wouldn't buy anything from wal-mart. >> the woman who posted the video said they found bugs on another chair as well. they notified a manager and that manager said he didn't see any.
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we saw as proof. when another manager was called she didn't seem to be surprised. in the post cruz said after the report was done they wouldn't give them a copy so she posted the pictures and video on social media. we are live in phoenix trisha hendricks 12 news at 10:00 . . we're breaking news stories right now. a tense moment for ryan lochte on abc's dancing with the stars tonight. lochte and his partner cheryl burkee had just performed their dansz and were in the process of being critiqued when that disturbance that you saw there took place. the cameras did not show what happened but you could hear someone shouting liar. that's when carrie-anne said back off.
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lochte said it made him feel a little hurt. more breaking news. two teens safe tonight after being rescued off camelback mountain. sky 12 flew over the scene a little while ago. an 18 and 16-year-old got stuck on a steep part of the mountain. rescue teens strapped safety lines to the hikers and walked them down. new developments tonight in a trial of a woman accused of flashing a group boys at a party. lindsey radomski is also accused of performing oral sex on one of the boys. we have the latest. >> it's been seven weeks since this case started and a year and a half since the actual party. today her lawyers stuck to the story that's she's the victim. >> this case has never been a who done it. >> they argued lindsey radomski
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she says her only defepss were excuses like being drunk. >> the law says and it's in your instructions that voluntary intoxication is not a defense to criminal behavior. >> she painted a picture of a woman desperate to be the center of attention. >> the defendant was looking for attention from the moment she arrived when she started this conversation, do you want to touch them? >> for her part she has claimed a few things. wlaked out. -- blacked out. then that she borrowed pasties to cover her breasts. finally that she was the victim. >> miss lindsey radomski is being charged when she was the one who was attacked. >> the police have never suggested the boys cob arrested -- boys could be arrested.
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she slept in. they want you to blame her for what those boys did to her. >> she faces six months in jail and a fine closing arguments should resume tomorrow morning. in scottsdale william pitts. the glendale school district closed two schools after finding they're structurally unsafe. challenger middle school and landmarkoo for five weeks while repairs are being made. 1,450 students will have to go somewhere nels the meantime. landmark -- else in the meantime. landmark students and challenger students will go to two different middle schools. $2 million was approved towards repairs. who can forget this intense police chase?
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robber. >> robbing a bank can be the ultimate glory crime for some. >> but let's face it this is 2016 the days of butch cassidy walking into a bank and demanding big money are gone. >> ryan what did you learn today about why bank robberies are on the decline. >> it's becoming a pretty stupid crime. it's nothing like you see in the movies where guys are getting away with millions. as for getting away with it, the odds are not in your favor. >> smile for the camera. oh hey there. wave to the chopper. these days police are watching bank robbers from every angle.
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nooufr. >> it's -- ma nufr. >> it's lance's job to find bank robbers. >> from the investigators standpoint i see these guys arrested all the time. we have an 80% solution rate in phoenix. >> what about that 20%? the ones that don't end up dead or in jail. >> this idea that you're going to buy an island off robbery is not going to happen. you don't get life savings. >> oftentimes it's a crime of desperation. drug money or gambling debts. but it takes a certain kind of person. >> bank robbers are usually arrogant. they have a high ego of themselves. they want to see themselves as somebody the fbi is going after. >> something that in this day
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seven years ago phoenix had the second most bank robberies of any city in the nation behind los angeles. but those numbers down now from 275 that year to 54 in 2016 with a few months to go. >> thank you so much. and now let's go to some more hot headlines across our state tonight. dps a trying to figure out who was behind the wheel in and run that left a 20 something man dead. it happened after the man's car broke down on the thomas road on ramp around 2:00 a.m. a good samaritan stopped to help and while they tried to fix the car that's when the man was hit. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio could find himself in court. an appeals court has revitalized a lawsuit.
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but after she gave birth she was brought to a recovery room and had to wear a leg restraint with a six to eight-foot chain attached. the board of supervisors has certified the results from last month's primary election putting us one step closer to who will win the republican nomination for the fifth congressional district. andy biggs leads christine jones by 16 votes. will be a recount which will begin tomorrow. now to decision 2016. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is talking about that pneumonia that everyone seems to be talking about. it forced her to take a break but not donald trump. >> clinton phoned in to talk about her health and now she
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records. >> at an evening rally in battleground north carolina. >> can we have a doctor please? >> he went off stage and off script to check on a supporter. no mention of hillary clinton's health and the pneumonia that forced her off the trail. trump focused on friday's headline. clinton belittling his supporters as a basket of deplorables. >> she sexist. every name in the book. she said they were not even american. >> tonight clinton told anderson cooper she's feeling better and eager to get back to campaigning. >> it'll be the next couple of days. they told me to rest five days on friday and i didn't follow that very wise advice. >> she dismisses critics who say she should have been more
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diagnosis. both candidates promise to release information about their health. it's suddenly become a talking point. brian moore nbc news washington. >> photos and videos of clinton's health episode sparked a conspiracy theory on social media. many claiming that the woman who came out of chelsea clinton's house was >> a common theme was that she appeared thinner. there was another that there weren't any secret service agents surrounding her. >> and why would someone diagnosed with pneumonia hug a young girl on the street. clinton tweeted out that she may have been there but deleted that and said okay people calm down i was in l.a. today all day.
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conspiracy minded little heads. go to bed. >> hm. before you go out to eat we'll reveal the restaurants with the best deals for you and your family. >> get your resume ready. the top paying jobs in phoenix coming up next. this is more of a shark eat
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welcome back everyone. on this money saving monday we're talking about something the three of us love to do and that is eating out. >> it's no longer a treat to go out.
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in fact americans will spend an estimated $720 billion at restaurants. >> that is is lot of cash. who deserves your dining dollars? >> we show you. >> yeah guys you mentioned the billions of dollars worth spending that actually translates to $2200 each for every man, woman, and child every year. since we're spending so much to eat out consumer reports decided to do a little research and find the best meals and deals. >> nearly half of every dollar budgeted for food is spent eating out. and much of that will be spent at table service restaurants where you can sit down and be served so where should you be eating? 70,000 readers were surveyed at close to 240 restaurant chains.
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when they go out to eat. a clean restaurant, tasty food and good value. >> for contemporary fare hillstone and seasons 52 stand out for atmosphere. it's not inexpensive but it's one of the few topping the ratings where you can grab dinner for $40 or less. for a truly great steak regardless of price try capitol grill. person. half that at longhorn steakhouse. their food bested several other chains including outback. >> it's about expectations. people aren't looking for the same thing in a $20 meal as in a $60. >> dave and busters serves up fun but it's at the bottom for service, atmosphere, value and food.
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forest cafe for kids. plenty of choices to keep most diners happy. most people don't think they get a very good value at chain restaurants. but when it comes to local restaurants most people they surveyed, in fact 60% said they feel they get a good or excellent value. something to keep in mind. 12 news at 10:00 . . well, do you ever how much your dentist makes or the attorney from that car accident? >> well a local career website wondered that too so they put together a list of the 100 highest paying jobs in phoenix according to the bureau of labor statistics. >> number one surgeons and dentists made the list at number six. >> here are three others
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>> 53 was athletes and sports competitors making $92,000. >> and post-secondary fizz sicks teachers finished the list off at 100. >> if your career didn't make the list and you need extra cash, target is planning to hire 75,000 seasonal employees. 70 thoeshgz will work in stores and the rest will stock facilities. the hiring events nationwide on october 14th and 15th. well in the meantime, asu gets a record-setting night from one of its star players on the way to the second win of the season. coop with the scoop is here to tell us more all about it. hey coop. >> vanessa i'm going to tell you about it. this may come as a shock, but after two games asu leads in to
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rushing yards. one two punch in the back field. and the running backs, and offensive player of the week cay len. -- calen. he tied the record with eight touchdowns in saturday o night's win over texas tech. at his post-game conference he pulled over extra chairs for his offensive line to sit down and join him. the accolades he wouldn't take night. >> i give all the glory to god honestly. and these guys right here. every single day we go to work. every lift, every practice, everything we do we've been focussing and it shows. tonight these guys what they did up front was absolutely amazing and that's why i brought all five of them up here because they deserve it. >> up next friday night against
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taylor jones celebrating his fumble recovery. creating a cor graphed celebration -- cor ree graphed celebration that ended in a penalty. group celebrations defined as two or more participating can only be done on the sideline to avoid a 15-yard unsportsman looishg penalty. -- unsportsmanlike penalty. happens again. >> one of the things that has not happened around here will not happen again. or you won't be here. >> hey, 0-1. there's no reason to be dancing. cardinals will look to get in the win column when they host dirk koetter and his tampa bay buccaneers. >> wow coop, thank you. that's tough.
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doesn't it? very strict at ba camp. >> our omg video of the night. >> a fisherman caught a small shark when this happened. >> he's going to eat that little shark. >> the big shark is trying to eat it. >> look at it. >> oh my god. oh. >> wow. >> ho limoly. an even -- >> not what i would have said. everyone on the pier was shocked. >> are you kidding me if you're just fishing a little -- >> again holy moly not the first words that would come out of my mouth. >> well we can't really say that on tv. >> that's what i'm saying.
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page and share our omg videos with your family and friend. >> some storms down towards tucson. never moved up this week. >> we did have a little bit that made it to the southeast valley. the queen creek area. but most of us stayed quiet. that nice breeze, 14 miles an hour. 86 the temperature. dew point of 56. that humidity is still here. these are the storms that moving there through san tan. even a bit of hail reported. and about two toents of an in-- two tenths of an inch of rain. kind of clipped the very far southeastern portion and the rest of the state. probably didn't have a clue what was going on in that direction. tomorrow it's about the winds.
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include flagstaff towards mojave county. this will be tomorrow until 6:00 or so. during the afternoon hours those winds increasing and all of this is due to an area of low pressure. a trough of low pressure more fall-like weather pattern as opposed to our monsoon pat rn. sliding -- pattern. sliding mainly to the north of us tightening the pressure gradients. that gives extra wind. breezy in he right windy in the high country. here's a look at the winds. pay attention to flagstaff and grand canyon as the winds peak out in the 20 plus mile per hour range for tomorrow afternoon. this is a dry system. a lot of moisture with it. but we could see a few isolated storms in arizona and over to the white mountains. southeast arizona and the valley we are looking at dry conditions tomorrow. just a mix of sun and clouds.
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travel weather towards texas tomorrow corpus christi looking at storms new orleans looking at stormy weather and boston expecting some stormy activity there as well. d.c. looks good but a little bit on the warm side at 95. denver is nice tomorrow. 78 with plenty of sunshine. that low is going to keep our temperatures down. below normal and in the 90s all the way to the end of the week. 100 degrees there by sunday. he seems o mvp of the night.
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woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. our subaru outback will be.
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. >> okay everybody it is time to find out who coop has as his mvp of the night. >> there's something to be said about getting better wag to my mvp of the night. big papi david ortiz continuing his farewell season. he launched the 536th home run of his career tying hall of famer mickey mantle. he now has 33 home runs and 111 rbis on the season.
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or older how about that vanessa? >> amazing. in the meantime the daring ninja warrior competition coming to the end. >> a phoenix man was there. >> adam was one of the finalests taking center -- finalists taking center stage tonight. take a look. >> you have to use your body to counteract the balance. >> whoa. >> adam obstacle. >> unfortunately the wave runner obstacle got the best of him. his family and friends visibly upset. >> he's the first walk on to reach stage two and he hopes he'll get to come back and compete again. >> come back next year win it all. >> renee zellweger on the tonight show right after 12
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welcome back everybody turning tonight the poster for 50 shades darker. >> yeah. >> it's the sequel to the 2013 film. has made its sensual worldwide debut. >> i know you're going to be the first one in line for this one.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- renee zellweger --


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